United: FareLock

Role UX Product Designer | Contribution UX / UI Architecture & Visual Design, Usability Research


About the project

United’s digital ancillary team works on a variety of e-commerce and merchandising initiatives. This ranges from installing new cabins on the seat map to selling extra bags and subscriptions. This project will highlight my work on our FareLock product. FareLock allows our customers to hold their fare for several days until they are ready to pay. There was an opportunity to update the experience both functionally and visually.

My role

For this project my role was as UX Product Designer. I closely partnered with another UX Product Designer and several researchers from start to finish. As a UX team we researched the current experience and created wireframes and prototypes as a means to share our ideas with stakeholders.


Product research

This project originally came to the Ancillary team via our Merchandising partners. They had some ideas for how we could improve the FareLock process. Our kickoff meeting consisted of a casual heuristic of both our mobile and dotcom Farelock flows. We looked for confusing language and functionality, disjointed and outdated visual treatments and areas of innovation.

Form there we discussed as a team and settled on items that would be realistic to tackle. As the UX team developed wireframes and prototypes to display our ideas / suggestions, the rest of the team investigated on how best to develop our updates. We met again with our Merchandising partners to discuss our findings.

Farelock App.png

Functional improvements

We were able to make a number of improvements to the FareLock experience. Two large improvements come to mind. Previously users were not able to purchase their FareLock ticket from the mobile app (1A). They would need to log into a desktop experience to purchase the fare they held. Our team was able to link the FareLock mobile experience to our new common payment product and allow our users to purchase directly from the app (2A).

Previously, users would need to hunt-down their FareLock information in a pull-out wallet (1B). During our work with FareLock, the United app team launched a new app that allows users to see the appropriate information at the appropriate time. Our team was able to insert the FareLock experience into this new app when and where it will be most convenient to the user (2B).