WSU: Student Blogs

Role Web Content Specialist | Contribution UX / UI Architecture & Visual Design


About the project

While working as a web content specialist at Winona State University, I was on a team whose goal was to develop and create the university’s student blogs. These are blogs that the university maintains but they are written and edited by the very talented students of WSU. We wanted inviting sites that enticed the students to learn more about their campus, their community and their world.

My role

During my time at WSU there was an effort to re-design all of the university-owned blogs. Our team partnered with an outside agency to build out the blogs while we controlled the UX and design. However, The Warrior Way blog was designed and built completely by me.


The Warrior Way

The Warrior Way blog was designed and built by me in WordPress. It is a highlight piece that is meant to spotlight faculty, staff, alumni, students and friends of the university that are living the university mission. The blog’s logo, photos and writing were provided by the students on campus. Learn more about Winona’s Warriors.


Student run blogs

The main student blogs were built out by a third party vendor with guidance and help from our team. These blogs include Admissions, Improving Our World, Campus Life and Wellness. For this group of blogs, along with supporting the vendor, I built out a social media feed and information pages.


Blog iconography

While building out the student blogs, the team wanted a quick way to differentiate the different blog topics. Along with developing a color palette, I also created a set of icons depicting each blog.